September 12, 2008

My Birthday!!

Well today is my birthday. I am now (hahaha..Im old enough not to tell) years old. Today I spent the day with Rachel and her adorable babies and then Rachel took me out for lunch. Ok..the truth is she gave me money and said "Go get us treat for your birthday". So I ran across the street to Dairy Queen and got us Chicken Strip baskets. YUMMY!! I haven't had a chicken strip basket in a long time and it was wonderful.

Birthdays really haven't ever been a big deal for us, even our kids are not overly fazed by their own date of birth. They don't expect the earth to move and the sun to rise and set on their wishful whims on their birthday. Are we bad parents because we don't spend months and months on a particular b-day theme? I sometimes wonder..

A few weeks ago I asked "A" what she wanted to do for her b-day and she said "I just want to have a family day". Well she'll kinda get her wish, on their b-day the kids & I will be in Omaha with grandma for our bi-annual kids weekend get away. "W" says he wants a boy party (with only his sister there..and sometimes that changes). "B" says nothing.

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Katra said...

Happy Birthday to you too! Thanks for the birthday wishes on my blog. :-)