June 11, 2008


Summer is in full swing and today was our first trip to the pool. It was short lived trip because W decided he was going to smart off to me and be a poop. A's friend left an hour after we got there so she was ready to go, and B scrapped his foot on the rough deck around the pool. So we were gone within an hour. We'll try again maybe tomorrow.

Kiddos & I also just got back from our first solo driving trip to Minnesota and it was a success!! I think dh feels more comfortable that I can do this and hopefully it'll be a yearly thing for the kids & I. We had so much fun!! I took a few pictures and will upload them when I get time.

Another highlight is we bought a camper! All 5 of us are SUPER excited about this venture! Though the gas prices are out of this frickin' world high, we are not going to let that stop us! I am hoping that we go out camping alot. Our maiden voyage is end of the this month when we head back to MN over the 4th of July.

School was out on May 22nd. The kids passed Kindergarten and will be going to first grade in August. I can't believe it!!!

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