November 12, 2007

Felt like a bloggin'

Not really much to updating on. I had strep throat last week and by the grace of God the kids managed to NOT get it. Which IMHO is a miracle.

Dh went deer hunting last weekend, hunting started at 6am and by 7:10am he was home with a nice 12pt. buck.

Kids are doing great, weather has been really warm (in the mid 70's on Sunday) so we've been spending lots of time at the park enjoying the last of the nice weather.

I am watching The Amazing Race 12 now (recorded from Sunday) and I am about to break through the TV and strangle Donald. UGH!


Cathrine said...

I hope you are 100 % better :)
love the photo of the kids with McD :) !

Jen said...

I am having a strep throat relapse!! :(