February 14, 2007

Getting ready for a mini-vacation

And boy am I ready for it!! The kids & I are meeting my mom in Omaha tomorrow for a fun filled kiddo weekend. It should be fun!! Im a little bummed because it just so happens that this weekend is also State Wrestling Tournment in Omaha. UGH! So it'll be a busier then normal town. Thankfully I got a room at the hotel we usually go to, but the price was higher then normal. :(

Now I just wish 2 of my kids would go to bed so I can get the last minute things done around here and get to bed at a decent hour so we can get on the road by 9am.

Dh & I went to school conferences on Monday for the kids. They are all doing great in school and as I have said before, I must say it again..I am sooooo glad we fought and won this extra year of preschool. I do not regret it at all!! All 3 of them have matured (sp?) a lot the last 6 months. It is hard to believe the school year is 1/2 over!!

Winter is still in full swing here in NE. We got about 3" yesterday and overnight and it is still lightly snowing outside now. The temps are really suppose to warm up this weekend (into the lower 40's) so hopefully this new snow (and the stuff that's still here for end of December) will be gone soon, so the ice that is STILL there from end of December can start to melt. I don't know if I'll remember how to drive w/o ice?!

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Auntie Joy said...

Hope you guys had bunches of fun with Grandma!