November 10, 2006

snow, rain and the smell of winter

Today we got our first little dusting (and I mean LITTLE) of snow. It snowed for a few, sleeting a bit, then rained a little. The temps were sooo darn cold!! Im not sure how cold it actually was, not fridgid, but considering 2 days the temps were in the 80's it really felt cold!!

The smell of winter is our neighbors have thier fireplace going. I can really smell it down here in our basement. At first I thought our (or someones) house was on fire. I wish we had a fireplace, well maybe I really don't wish it with the kids and everything, but I know if we did have one I'd really enjoy it. Just imagine curling up with a book, under a nice blanket sitting in front of a fireplace. Sounds heavenly to me. :)

Dh is still in Canada on his male bonding weekend. He has calls daily to check in on us and to find out how the kids are doing. He got his deer yesterday (a nice one he said) and they will be starting the ride home tomorrow, getting home Sunday night sometime. It can't come soon enough for me! It's been one heck of a week!!! Starting with B being sick, me taking him to the dr., the dr. saying B has IBS. I had my doubts, but trusted the dr. Folish thing for me to do..because A got sick and complained of a stomach ache Wednesday night and low and behold W decided to join the "sick ones" today with the same symptoms. B & A are pretty much back to normal and Im hoping W will be better in the next couple of days also.


A. Estella Sassypants said...

We have a fireplace complete with fireplace insert, and I don't think we'll ever be without one again. It's sooo nice...with the blower and all. We have a really small house, so it will pretty much heat the whole thing.

Jen said...

Lucky duck!!