October 30, 2006

Went hunting for pheasant yesterday

Oh please don't start flaming me with Animal Rights, etc comments. My husband hunts and you know what..Im DARN proud of it! We eat what he hunts, he hunts to feed our family..not for the thrill, but Im sure he enjoys it also. Our kids are being rasied knowing what hunting is and respecting guns. My husband is a cerifited youth hunting instructor and takes under privilaged kids out hunting. Ok..off my soap box..

Dh went pheasant hunting yesterday and the kids & I tagged along. We had a FANTASTIC time!! I was busting with pride watching our dog, Buck, work. He's a great dog and we are very fortunate to have gotten him. (he's a resuce dog, from the pound).

All 3 kids got to shoot a .22 (remember dh is a cerified hunting instructor) and they LOVED it! Me on the other hand, was a bit hesitant to watch them shoot, so I went for a walk. I trust dh with the lives of our children, I had no qualms about him helping the kids. I just didn't trust THE KIDS! But, like I said, they LOVED it! I had a wonderful time on my little walk alone, listening to birds, walking with Buck. It was a fantastic day. If I had to relive a day again, yesterday would be it.

The temps were in the mid 70's. It was just wonderful.

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