March 16, 2006


Well this morning I decided to forget Kindergym and my work out because I had way to many other things planned for this afternoon and didn't want the kids to hit meltdown while we were out running errands in the middle of the afternoon. So that's my excuse for not working out today..pretty lame one huh? I'll get back on board tomorrow.

So this afternoon after lunch the kids & I loaded up and went to the big city of Kearney.

The first thing on the agenda was haircuts for all the kids. Like usual, B & A were great and sat there like great kids. W on the other hand..screamed and ended up NOT getting a haircut, I sure hope dh's elbow gets better REAL soon so him & I can cut W's hair. It takes 2 of us to cut his hair, me holding W, dh chopping the heck out of his hair. When it's all said and done, it really does continue to amaze me how good dh is at haircutting. lol

So after the haircuts we went to Wal-mart. Im not a huge wal-mart fan at all, no it's not because "Wal-mart is destroying America" or any of the other BS that I've heard about Wal-mart. I hate it because the place is a damn zoo!! Having to park over a block away from the store (with 3 kids) is hell. Why did I go then? Well I hadn't been there in awhile (for the above reason) and just felt like risking all of our lives walking through a parking lot. WOW was I shocked to see the remodeling going on in there! I must admit, it was really great going today because the place feels like it was literally thrown in the air and everything was in a TOTAL different location then the last time I was there (6-8 months ago). So it felt like we were in a different Wal-mart in a different town. It was a mini-adventure trying to find the things we were looking for and not get ran over by carts.

After Wal-mart, dh called me on the cell and said he had to run to out of town for work for a few hours, so knowing he wasn't going to be home for dinner I took the kids to Burger King. They played, and played and played..and surpised me by even eating almost ALL their food!

Then it was 6pm, we went to the library. Got a couple videos for the kids, some books for the kids and went home.

I got 2 bookring books in the mail today which really puts me in a bind. My CR Im going to also throw into the wild world as a bookring and I was really hoping to finish that before I got any new rings. So Im I finish my CR (that Im JUST starting) or put it aside. I suppose I should put it aside and read what I *know* other people are waiting for.

Dh finally called the dr. today about his leaking elbow. He has an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:15 with the surgeon. My guess..they're going to put a drain tube in and restitch it.

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