February 01, 2006

The worst way to wake up..

Dh wakes me up Monday morning and says "Abby peed our bed." Shocked and disoriented I said "Huh?" He said "Abby just peed all over me." I don't even want to try to explain our sleeping arrangements, so just know that I wasn't in the bed.

Sure enough..4:30am, I walk into our bedroom (well dh's bedroom lately) and there is pee..all over! Now what to do? Do you wake up a sleeping child at 4:30am, change sheets, etc and risk her not going back to sleep? It's 4:30 for crying out loud!! NOOO..you don't.

She's been day/night trained since August, I don't know why this backsliding happened, but it happened again this morning.

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