February 02, 2006


Today I took the kids to kindergym. It started at 9am which is very early for us to be up and about. Had A up at 7:30am (the boys were already up at 6am like usual). They LOVED it! No I take that back they LOOOOOOOOVED IT!! They had soo much fun. The instructor Jeff was wonderful with the kids and considering there were 12 kids in the class and only 1 minor fall with a crying spell (and it wasn't one of my kids) that was fantastic IMHO! lol I didn't bring the kids up to the play area, Im not sure if I ever will. I know once they see all the toys and videos up there I'll never get them out. :)

Now that I know they love it, I'll beable to work out Mon-Thurs. Today I didn't bring any work out clothes with me, because I wasn't sure how W would do. He had sooo much fun and was laughing and playing the whole time. That put a BIG grin on this momma's face!! :))

I don't know what we're going to do with the rest of our day, it's kinda chilly outside now but hopefully it'll warm up and we can go outside or something.

I started my CR read yesterday "When Joy Came to Stay" and I know Im going to really enjoy this book. Im on chapter 3 and it's really good so far.

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