February 18, 2006


My kids preschool teacher (also my boys therapist) called me this am and told me to NOT put my kids in kindergarden, even 1/2 days this fall. She said it's to stressful for the kids. She said she's trying to set up a meeting with the teachers in our district to talk about this situation. She told me the kindergarden teachers are in an uproar because of this, having little 4 year olds coming to kindergarden who are obviously not ready.

So now I don't know what we're going to do. For my own benefit I started contacting the private preschools in town today to get some $$ figures.

She also told me today that she can't legally tell me (from a teachers point of view) if my kids are ready to go to kindergarden or not. She said it's out of her control and since their b-day is before the cut off date there is nothing she can do to say if they are ready or not. I guess they just HAVE to be ready. They are not allowing any school age kids (turn 5 before 10/15) to attend the preschool. She told me friend to friend, not to send them to K this fall. So I got the impression that was her suttle way of telling me from a teachers point of view not to send them.

We do still have an IEP and I asked early childhood today about them funding preschool for the boys, and I was told "We will not fund private preschool, but will provide the necessary aids for your boys if needed." I was also told if we (Troy & I) were not happy with this, then we may have to get an adovate involved, but she quickly said "no one has ever done that before." and I said "and I hope we're not the first, because I don't feel what Im requesting is unreasonable." The more I think about putting them in K this fall (even for 1/2 days) the more I don't like it. My kids will constantly be behind the class and suffering to keep up because they will only be there for 1/2 days.

I will try to contact the school district tomorrow and ask them if they'll pay for the boys preschool, but Im sure that'll be a no since they are offering school, even though it's kindergarden.

Troy & I are now wondering if we should just say screw it to school completely next fall??

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