January 27, 2006

Booooring day!!

The kids & I didn't do much of anything today. It was a really good day for me, PMS must be letting up! The kids & I played lots of games and played.

Really isn't much else to update on. I haven't heard yet from the other review places, but I have my fingers crossed. If they don't accept me..oh well..it's not like I don't have craploads of other books to read. :)

Im starting "A Million Little Pieces" tonight. Im going to read it as a fiction book. Im hoping I can get through it though, there is no paragraph margins and no puncuation marks and the typing is super small. Im kinda an orgainzied freak and catch misspellings in books and it drives me crazy. I hope I can get through it, I've heard it's a great book, regardless of the fact that it's a bunch of lies.

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